Brazilian Method by Vivian Fonseca

Winner of Tatler's "Best Bottom Class 2017" 

Vivian and her trained instructors run her signature “Brazilian Method by Vivian Fonseca" class. This sell-out class, held at Method Movement and at The Maqam Centre, incorporates the best of Vivian’s regime into a fun, upbeat and challenging workout with a focus on toning and sculpting for the lower-body and core.
Vivian created Brazilian Method because she noticed the necessity to train girls to get toned but not bulky, especially for the group of the glutes muscles. For example, her PT model clients need to get leaner for the catwalk but without changing their body size. She developed this method with resistance bands to stimulate the group of muscles including glutes, core and thighs to get them to a better shape. 
The greatest part is that you start seeing results even just after six sessions!

Method movement

249 Old Brompton Road
Chelsea, London, SW5 9HP

The Maqam Centre

Wrentham Avenue

NW10 3HJ,London