Meet the VFF Instructors

Vivian has built a team of instructors to teach her signature classes around London.


Alyna Han

Head Trainer

Alyna is a qualified personal trainer and head trainer of Brazilian Method, who is always dedicated in helping people achieve their goals.

She grew up between Bangkok and London. From the ages of 6-12 she trained in competitive horse riding and show jumping, which was then replaced by boxing and Muay Thai from the age of 16. It was these art forms that ingrained the importance of form, technique, patience and practise. She then ventured into preparing for a body building style photoshoot by Pinewood trainer Scott Laidler, which ignited her passion for nutrition and the true meaning of healthy eating, eventually leading her to become a Le Cordon Bleu qualified chef. Since then her training ranges from crossFit to callisthenics and yoga to dance. She strongly believes in a holistic approach in training, and especially aspires in helping female body sculpting, strength, toning and fat loss.

To learn more about Alyna check her Instagram account.


Maija Kivela


Age : 33

Specialized in Female fat loss/Body shaping

Maija has dance background and she started resistance training at the age 16. Years Maija has been practicing what she preach and she is also a Bikini Fitness World Champion. She believes muscle activation is the key and she wants every woman to achieve muscle-mind connection for greater results. Maija is also a mom to a 5 year old and understands what women body&mind goes trough. '' Taking care of the body keeps us energetic but also gives us the confidence we all moms need''

Competition history and achievements:

2011 Fitness Britain , fitness 1st place

2011 Fame Pro UK, bikini 1st place, fitness model 3rd place

2011 Fitness America, Bikini America 1st place

2012 IFBB Finland, fitness classic, bikini 4th place

2012 IFBB Finnish nationals, bikini 1st place

2013 Wbff world championships, bikini 1st place and pro status

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Anna Roberts


Anna Roberts is an exercise lover and plant based foodie who is passionate about promoting a balanced, body positive and healthy approach to life. She completed her Personal Training qualification at Premier Global and is now a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in South West London.

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