How can VFF help you?


Personal Training

Vivian is available for Personal Training sessions in and around London. From slightly out-of-shape office workers to amateur athletes, Vivian can help anyone to reach their optimum fitness. Her scientific and functional approach can be applied to anyone wishing to take better care of their body.

Vivian can come to your home, your gym, your place of work, or your nearest outdoor space. Vivian’s ‘office’ has ranged from the South Kensington Club to 6am runs through Hyde Park!

Specialised Treatment

As well as general fitness and strength training, Vivian is an experienced health practitioner for clients with injuries, obesity, diabetes and a host of other health problems. She can work in tandem with doctors and nutritionists to bring you a full health programme.

Body composition testing

Body Composition Testing is a fantastic tool for tracking your fitness progression. Rather than relying on measures of weight, which can be unreliable and misleading, Vivian analyses muscle mass, body fat and hydration to come up with a more accurate representation of your physical fitness. Carried out at regular intervals, Body Composition Testing is the ideal accompaniment to your fitness routine. 

Group Fitness Classes

Vivian runs her signature “Brazilian Method’ class four times a week. This sell-out class, held at Method Movement, incorporates the best of Vivian’s regime into a fun, upbeat and challenging workout with a focus on toning and sculpting for the lower-body and core.

Classes can be purchased at

Method Movement: 249 Old Brompton Road, Chelsea, London, SW5 9HP