Meet the new vff instructors

Vivian has built a team of instructors that will be teaching her signature classes around London.


Alyna Han

Head Trainer

Alyna is a qualified personal trainer and head trainer of Brazilian Method, who is always dedicated in helping people achieve their goals.

She grew up between Bangkok and London. From the ages of 6-12 she trained in competitive horse riding and show jumping, which was then replaced by boxing and Muay Thai from the age of 16. It was these art forms that ingrained the importance of form, technique, patience and practise. She then ventured into preparing for a body building style photoshoot by Pinewood trainer Scott Laidler, which ignited her passion for nutrition and the true meaning of healthy eating, eventually leading her to become a Le Cordon Bleu qualified chef. Since then her training ranges from crossFit to callisthenics and yoga to dance. She strongly believes in a holistic approach in training, and especially aspires in helping female body sculpting, strength, toning and fat loss.

To learn more about Alyna check her Instagram account.


Anna Roberts


Anna Roberts is an exercise lover and plant based foodie who is passionate about promoting a balanced, body positive and healthy approach to life. She completed her Personal Training qualification at Premier Global and is now a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in South West London.

To learn more about Anna check her Instagram account.


Ambar Zohra


Specialist areas: Pre & Post natal, strength training, fat loss & toning.

Ambar is a full time personal trainer who specialises in Pre & Post natal & strength training. She has additional qualifications in TRX, Kettlebells & Advanced Stretching.

Ambar comes from a musical theatre background where she found herself finding a career in the fitness industry.

Her performance background gives her sessions energy & passion. Ambar believes in delivering fun and effective workouts with strong focus on technique and breathing. With a personal and relatable approach she believes in motivating clients to become the best versions of themselves.

Future qualifications - Level 4 strength & conditioning July 2019.

To learn more about Ambar check her Instagram account.


Amanda Branco


Amanda was born in Brazil, she moved to London in 2006. Health and Fitness has been her passion for a number of years and from her background in dancing (ballet, Samba and tap) has always had an appreciation and positive attitude with regards to living a healthy lifestyle, where structured balanced nutrition and maintenance of a professional personal appearance have always been an important aspect of her life.

Amanda competed in many bodybuilding/bikini competitions worldwide, including Las Vegas, Paris, England, Iceland and Denmark, placing 1st and 2nd in many of them. She got her Pro status in 2015 in London.

Amanda deeply believes every single one of us has the inner potential and strength to accomplish anything that our mind sets itself to. As an athlete, Amanda has experienced a roller coaster career of successes and setbacks. It has given her a better understanding of what life is about.

As a trainer, it’s her mission to share her enthusiasm, experience and motivation towards health and fitness goals, which can help bring the best out of life’s potential.

To learn more about Amanda check her Instagram account.